Bond Marketplace For Protocol Owned Liquidity

Introducing Olympus’ unique cross-chain bonding mechanism to other protocols as a service

The Problem with Existing Yield Farms

—  Nansen, Analysis of Masterchef
24 hours
Day 3


of yield farmers that enter  a farm on the day it launches remain after 24 hours.


30% of the initial users remain after 72 hours.

Sell Pressure

Token prices are highly subject to sell pressure from the yield farming community, making price unstable.

Transient Liquidity

Liquidity in yield farms is highly transient and unreliable for the protocol.

Impermanent Loss

Due to the mechanics of yield farms, the upside when a token appreciates in value is capped due to impermanent loss.

Price Volatility

Volatile token prices negatively impact communities and cause instability for the protocol.

What is Olympus Pro?

Olympus Pro introduces the innovative bonding mechanism of Olympus as a service for other protocols. Similar to bonding on Olympus, Olympus Pro allows a user to exchange existing liquidity for the protocol’s native token at a discount. In exchange, the protocol owns the liquidity instead of renting it, which helps secure longevity and price stability for everyone involved.


Swap LPS to receive discounted tokens

A win, win for all


Diversified treasuries to protect liquidity

Better Price

Opportunity to buy discounted tokens

Lower Risk

No exposure to Impermanent loss

Long-Term Liquidity

Grow your liquidity floor

New Revenue Streams

Capture fees from DEX trades

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