Olympus Community Grants Program expanding the econOHMy

Introducing Olympus’ Grants Program for activating and extending the Olympus ecosystem

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Olympus Grants' mission is to expand the econOHMy, targeting projects that will bring new groups of participants into the Olympus ecosystem and extend OHM into new Web3 communities.



Projects that educate about Olympus



Projects that improve/expand
infrastructure of Olympus



Projects that increase utility of OHM

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Integrated Olympus into Terra ecosystem.

What is Olympus Grants?

Olympus Grants is designed to fill various gaps in the Olympus ecosystem by funding projects which support the DAO’s initiatives but don’t fit into existing projects. Where a token swap, incubator investment, or yield-redirection is not quite right, Olympus Grants will fill the gap. The OGP(Olympus Grants Program) is funded with $1.5 M of DAO approved $OHM. OGP 1 will run over a 3.3 month period as an MVP and reevaluate after that period, wherein a report will be provided to the community with suggested next actions. OGP is built to bolster the objectives of other departments such as Partnerships, Olympus Pro, Incubator, and Give in ways that require a more flexible funding mechanism. And in true LFG spirit, Olympus has selected 13 new initial grantees (and a partnership with Gitcoin) to help kick off our Grants Program!

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Olympus Grants is your go to for getting involved in the Olympus Ecosystem