Flexible Loans With Perfect Collateral

Introducing Olympus's interest free loans for protocols to grow self owned liquidity

How It Works

Borrow OHM against gOHM

Deploy your own OHM-Pair LP

Repay on your own terms

Borrow OHM using gOHM as collateral
  • Interest-free loan
  • Perfect collateral
  • Market-leading LTV
Deploy your very own Liquidity Pool
  • Borrowed OHM is paired with a protocol-owned asset to create an LP token
  • Deploy newly acquired LP to Flex Loan exchanges
  • Hold deep protocol-owned liquidity backed by pristine collateral
Utilize collateral growth for repayments
  • Flexible loan repayment
  • Collateral earning rebase rewards in OHM
  • Unstake gOHM to repay the loan
  • LP tokens are custody until the loan is repaid in full

Available on Major Exchanges


The Problem with Liquidity

Protocols need durable and reliable liquidity. Currently, organizations subsidize native token rewards through liquidity incentive programs that lead to sell pressure and impermanent loss. 
There are a lack of feasible solutions to these issues.
Transient Liquidity
Liquidity within pools is often times ephermeral and unreliable for practical protocol utilization.
Capital Inefficiency
Instead of investing into development and furthering innovation, protocols are forced to spend increasing amounts of capital to maintain the same level of liquidity.
Over-Exposed Treasuries
Most protocol treasuries are disadvantaged by an over-abundance of their native governance token. In times of market volatility treasury values can decline rapidly handicapping operational longevity.

Flex Loans is the Solution

Flex Loans addresses these challenges by providing a way for protocols to:
  • Create dilution-resistant permanent liquidity
  • Bolster existing liquidity
  • Diversify treasury
  • Expand revenue opportunities
  • Grow Collateral through OHM network growth
  • Deploy capital  for durable protocol-owned liquidity
Flex Loans Features
Interest-Free Loans
Opportunity to own and launch your governance token and OHM LP pair
Perfect Collateral
Lower risk as LTV% continually drops through rebases
Flexible Repayments
Pay back whenever you want and grow collateral through rebasing
Protocol Partner Benefits
Long-term Liquidity
Create permanent liquidity and capture fees from DEX trades
OHM-Pair Liquidity
Benefit from routing through the growing OHM liquidity on Balancer
Diversify Treasury Assets
Protect your treasury against market drawdowns with OHM as a store of value

Flex Loans Partners


Apply for Flex Loans

Its easy to partner with Olympus and be a part of the growing ecosystem. If you are managing a protocol’s liquidity and looking to connect please apply below.
Olympus values transparency and security. To learn more about  Flex Loans please view our documentation below.