A Closer Look at the Olympus Ecosystem

A successful reserve currency requires a rich ecosystem to be utilized within. By creating a system of crypto-backed assets, valuable partnerships, usability across DeFi, and carefully managed tokenomics - Olympus gains [alt: maintains] persistent value as a reserve currency.

Olympus is focused on building this ecosystem across three main pillars - purchasing power, broad acceptance, and high utility.

Purchasing Power

Strong purchasing power forms the foundation of a successful reserve currency. Olympus preserves purchasing power with a combination of tokenomics, sound policy decisions, and active treasury management - which in turn drives user confidence in OHM’s real and persistent value.

Olympus Pro

Instead of renting liquidity in traditional yield farms, Olympus Pro provides protocols with the ability to use Olympus’ unique bonding mechanism to generate owned liquidity - benefiting both the protocol and it’s community over the long-term.



A successful reserve currency must also be liquid and easily tradable for other assets. Olympus works on providing deep liquidity for OHM across a wide variety of trading pairs and blockchains.


Proteus aims to provide Olympus liquidity to major chains via partnerships with Ethereum, Avalanche, Arbitrum, Polygon, Fantom, Moonriver, and Terra. This helps ensure that OHM is a highly liquid asset, regardless of which blockchain you’re transacting on.


High Utility

Finally, to reach mass-adoption, OHM must achieve high utility. Olympus is rapidly building new protocols and partnering with community initiatives to continue to expand the use cases for OHM.

High Utility


Protocols that utilize or build on top of OHM or other Olympus products are eligible to receive investment and access to Olympus products and advisors via the incubator. This ensures that the Olympus ecosystem continues to flourish with the expansion of promising new projects.


Partnering with Olympus

Olympus’ various initiatives make it easy to partner and contribute to the quickly growing ecosystem. If you are working on a protocol, and looking to partner, check out some of our programs below:

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Ecosystem Pillars