The Decentralized Reserve Currency

Olympus is building a community-owned decentralized financial infrastructure to bring more stability and transparency for the world.

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Introducing Olympus Pro

We’re bringing Protocol Owned Liquidity to a DAO near you. Learn about Olympus Pro, our Bonds-as-a-Service protocol.

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Swap any asset into staked variations of OHM with OlyZaps to reduce complexity that saves you time while making gas fees more transparent and efficient.

How Olympus works


Treasury Revenue

Bonds & LP fees

Bond sales and LP Fees increase Treasury Revenue and lock in liquidity and help control OHM supply


Treasury Growth

Olympus Treasury

Treasury inflow is used to increase Treasury Balance and back outstanding OHM tokens and regulate staking APY


Staking Rewards

OHM Token

Compounds yields automatically through a treasury backed currency with intrinsic value

Sustainable Staking APY


OHM Staking APY

Stake now

Treasury Regulated APY

Treasury inflow will always outperform staking rewards

Olympus is designed with long-term protocol health in mind. All OHM minted for staking rewards are backed with a reserve from the Treasury.

Olympus rewards stakers with compounding interest, increasing their OHM holdings over time.

A true Store of Value doesn’t exist—yet

A Store of Value is an asset that is stable or increases in value over time.

Stablecoins are vulnerable to inflationary policies, while Bitcoin or Ethereum suffer from market crashes or manipulation.  None of these is a true Store of Value.

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